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Software and Workflow Problems Solved

Software integration, selection of the right software solutions and custom software development have the potential to greatly improve operations and ultimately, the bottom line. Below is a list of some of the most common workflow problems Avatar CTS helps to resolve.

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Sales has problems managing pipeline
  • Software integration keeps latest pipeline spreadsheet in front of sales staff
  • Maintain your sales success
  • Move finalized sales to operations faster
The accountant has trouble closing the books
  • Automate transfer of information to accounting software (i.e. Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc.)
  • Dramatically reduce delays and errors caused by manual transfers
  • Get invoice out faster
  • Faster, more accurate monthly reports
Payroll deadline has been missed on more than one occasion
  • Electronically collect time and attendance information eliminating need to manually compile and email data for each employee
The warehouse needs to receive orders directly from the web site
  • When the web site was launched orders were manually transferred from the shopping cart to the warehouse management system
  • Order shipments and tracking information were also manually entered
  • With increased volume, manual entry can no longer keep up
  • Mistakes are made, orders are shipped late
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Integration of the web site shopping cart with the warehouse means orders are shipped more quickly and customers know when to expect their orders
Contractors never tell us what is going on

We have to make hundreds of follow up phone calls a day just to find out where they are.

  • Many mechanical contractors are decidedly low-tech. Most don’t have smart phones.
  • Work orders are emailed (or faxed) to their offices
  • Need to allow the contractors to easily report status even for out-of-hours calls
  • Integration of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system with job tracking software allows easy reporting of current status that is visible to dispatchers and end customers (via web portal)
  • Long distance telephone costs are lowered; dispatchers can manage more calls; and customers have up to date status of their job progress
Disconnect between Operations and Finance
  • Why does operations tell me one thing, and finance another?
  • Improve communications between departments by sharing data faster, and more accurately
  • Seemless data transfers between multiple platforms and software solutions
  • Efficient management of projects from sales to delivery to the final invoice
  • Better know if a given project will be profitable
Small business owner managing too many processes
  • Up to this point, the business has been small enough for the owner to handle all processes in business
  • Growth and success will eventually render one or more of the processes unstable
  • Improved software and process strategies will allow for more effiecient and successful growth