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Affordable Software Integration Solutions

Avatar Services

I. Business and I. T. Consulting

At Avatar, we start at the heart of the matter: understanding your business: how it operates today; and how it could operate in the future. Once we have a good feel for your business objectives and, most importantly, understand where your pain points are, we can then start to assess the current technology environment with a view to identifying opportunities for improved speed, greater efficiency and smarter decision making.

Finally, we consider the various technologies that could be used to deliver the project and formulate a solution that best meets your overall business objectives. Our goal is to balance the elegance of the solution with your budget and time constraints.


II. Business Process & Systems Integration Solutions

Whether Purchasing is ordering materials for a job; Operations is executing an order; or Finance is preparing invoices, information in your business is exchanged through a series of inter-connected processes.

Your software applications support these processes (up to a point), but where information is manually transferred between applications, the processes are operating with minimal efficiency. Avatar’s Business Process Integration service focuses on mapping out these processes; identifying those gaps; and providing software solutions to close them - allowing the business to operate more efficiently.


III. Portals and Business Intelligence

As a business owner, or department head, you need information to help you make business decisions - and you need that information to be readily available, no matter where it comes from. Avatar’s Portals and Business Intelligence services bring your scattered business information together into a single web portal. Whether you want to simply share team documentation, tasks and calendars; or you need a dashboard showing the latest reports and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) trends; Avatar can make it happen.

IV. Software Engineering and Development

From data driven web sites; through on-line business applications; to development of commercial off-the- shelf software packages, Avatar offers a full range of software engineering and development services, from requirements analysis; through software design; to implementation and testing.