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Affordable Software Integration Solutions

“Best in Breed” Integrated

“Best in Breed” software integration combines most of your existing software applications with off-the-shelf packages that replace existing Excel and Access components in your system. Avatar CTS then automate the gaps between packages. In the end, your business information is unified into a single decision making portal.

Best in Breed: Considerations

Old system used to be a horrible mess

  • Dozens of point to point connections
  • Hard coded (difficult to change)
  • Very brittle

New technologies make is much more achievable and sustainable

  • Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures
  • Off the shelf integration technologies & portals
    E.g. BizTalk/TIBCO, SharePoint/Plumtree
  • Emerging stands for message content (e.g. OAGIS)

Can be a tactical solution

  • Improve efficiency in short term while working towards a replacement strategy
Best in Breed Pros and Cons


  • Leverage existing investment in licenses and training
  • Choose the best-fit applications for each department
  • Time and cost to productive use
  • Most legacy data does not need to be migrated


  • Can existing systems cope with the growth long term?
  • Cost and complexity of integration may be prohibitive
  • Inconsistent look & feel (may be higher training costs)
  • Sum of license/maintenance fees compared with ERP