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Affordable Software Integration Solutions

Custom Software

When appropriate, Avatar CTS is capable of writing custom software solutions to automate some, or even all of your business processes. Our software engineering process usually consists of reveiwing requirements, designing, coding, testing and ultimately training our customers on their new system.

Custom Solution: Considerations

Good if you want strong fit for existing company processes

Software can become a company asset

  • Investment should be included in company valuation

Opportunity to resell

  • But you will probably need to invest more to make it “shippable”
  • R&D Tax Credits?

Can use India/other low cost country to reduce cost

  • Be prepared to invest your time heavily to manage their time
  • Language & cultural issues
  • Time zone (12 hrs)
  • 80% of communication is non-verbal
  • Make sure that the quality is going to be there
Custom Software Pros and Cons


  • Software adapts to fit the business
  • Can become a differentiator / asset
  • You control when new functionality is implemented
  • Can cover all business areas


  • Time to productive use
  • Overall project cost
  • Need to migrate legacy data
  • Service provider dependency risk (can be managed)