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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Some systems include, but are not limited to Dynamics (GP / Navision), Sage, SysPro, SAP and Oracle 11i. These are single software systems that automate the majority of business processes. Modules are pre-integrated so that information flows “seamlessly” from one business activity to the next.

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Off the Shelf ERP: Considerations

Picking the right ERP system

  • Hundreds of vendors to choose from

Despite lofty claims of by most ERP vendors…

  • ERP may not cover 100% of solution requirements
    • Sales Pipeline?
    • Customer Support?
    • Specialty?: e.g.: Optimized warehouse picking, Production scheduling, etc.
  • So, plan for some external integration

Golden rule of implementing ERP/CRM:

  • Keep customization to a minimum: Upgrade nightmares!
ERP Pros and Cons


  • Time to productive use
  • Overall project cost
  • Consistent look and feel (lower training costs)


  • Business generally has to adapt to fit the software
  • Software maintenance fees & upgrades at ERP vendor schedule
  • Rarely covers all business areas
  • Need to migrate legacy data