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Quickbooks & ERP Integration

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is a great package for managing your business accounts and beyond. However, most businesses find that they need additional software to completely automate their operations. These external applications vary from specialized estimating packages; through external time and expense reporting; all the way up to sophisticated work order management applications and beyond.

While using these external software applications can be essential to smooth operation of the business, they often manage and report on information that is also useful to QuickBooks – such as: project costs and expenses; changes in inventory and even billing information. This results in duplicate data entry which not only wastes effort but is also the source of potentially significant errors.

At Avatar our QuickBooks Integration process we can help to automate transfer of information from such specialized application packages into (and out of) QuickBooks, thereby removing waste and eliminating transcription errors.

ERP Integration

The dream of most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system projects is to implement a single, unified, software package to automate all facets of a business. Sadly, many ERP projects never realize this dream.

Why? Well, to begin with, most ERP systems simply don’t cover all aspects of the business. Notable exceptions can include: Sales and Customer Service, Maintenance or Human Resources.

Furthermore, many businesses have a few very specialized business functions that require equally specialized software to automate them, such as: production scheduling; management of field service personnel; real time collection and monitoring of production data; project estimating; shop floor instructions; etc.

So the ERP project may have to retain legacy software applications that support these specialized functions - and yet these systems are now expected to “play nice” with the ERP system.

That’s where Avatar CTS comes in: we have extensive ERP integration experience with packages like: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and more - and with Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and the .NET Framework we have the tools to rapidly implement a robust, sustainable solution to your ERP integration problem.