Custom Software Solutions | Enterprise Data Integration

    What’s keeping you up?


    At Avatar, we develop a strong personal relationship with all of our clients. This allows us to thoroughly understand the processes and culture of each individual business so we can create the most effective and productive software possible. Our intent is to be a key business partner for years to come which shows in our high customer retention.

    With an eye to the future, we will never be afraid to learn new technologies to make a project run better and be more future-proof. Your project will go through detailed phases of planning, development, validation, documentation and training. We will be there for you from the start, and years down the road when you need technology upgrades, software expansions or to set up an entirely new business.



    Sometimes out-of-the-box software offerings just won’t fulfill the unique requirements of your business. Are your processes or calculations too complex, or current software offerings just don’t match up with your business model? We can help conceptualize, prototype, develop, document and maintain bespoke software that streamlines your business processes, engages your customers online in a meaningful manner and allows you to scale up in the future. Increase your operational efficiency, improve customer experience and make well informed decisions based on detailed reporting.



    Development Process


    • Software built around your business processes
    • Automate tedious and redundant tasks
    • Increase accuracy; reduce mistakes
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Complex calculations
    • Ability to scale