Our Work

Some of the ANSWERS we have provided.

Container Royalty Tracking System

Development of a system for tracking all container loads/discharges in East Coast Ports and for billing carriers for union royalties as well as distributing those royalties (ASP.NET, Oracle, Blue Integrator).

Therapist Diagnostic Survey Application

Development of a system for enabling therapist to purchase complex diagnostic surveys, assign them to clients, guide the client through the survey and then produce detailed reports analyzing the survey results (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

Tonnage Dashboard

Development of a dashboard application to present historical container tonnage information by port alongside port specific contracts, agreements and contact information (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

Solar Panel / Steel Estimating Tool

Development of a solar panel/steel parking structure estimating tool calculating total parts required based type of frame, total number of parking spaces, and regional hazard data  (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

IVF Donor Cycle Tracking

Development of a system for tracking IVF process from donor acceptance to egg harvesting and beyond (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server)

Container Repair Rule Violation Tracking

Development of an application to track damaged containers that are shipped overseas for repair - in contravention of union agreements. Levy fines; track payments; etc. (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

Warehouse Management System Integration

Integration of various shopping cart applications and 3rd party systems with a heterogenous warehouse order fulfillment system (ASP.NET, My SQL, Blue Integrator, Perl, PHP, Ultracart, Shopify, Magento, HSN, etc.).

Work Scheduling and Tracking System

Supported an aging work scheduling and tracking system that was implemented in legacy ASP. Over time migrated the application to ASP.NET (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

Print Shop Management

Development of print shop estimation and job tracking system (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

State Agency Grants Application Management

Development and enhancement of an application to allow users to apply for grants, specify detailed budgets, attach supporting documentation and report performance measures for approved grants (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

State Agency Revenue Tracker

Development of a web based portal for tracking revenue from insurance companies to a state agency, including an automated e-mail system to send our thousands of reminders to specific insurers, generate unique logins etc. Tracked revenue through to acceptance of payment (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

Egg Donor Screening

Development of a system for screening and management of applications for human egg donors (ASP.NET, MS SQL Server).

MS Access - Scheduling Application / QuickBooks

Migration of an MS Access application built on Access '97 to Access 2010 (and later to 2016). Various enhancements to the application functionality, including two-way integration with QuickBooks (Access, .NET).

Work Order Dashboard

Development of dashboard application to report work order progress, billing, etc. (Dundas Dashboard).

QuickBooks Integration

Integration of Work Scheduling and Tracking System with QuickBooks such that invoices and bills are automatically created in QuickBooks based on the order history and status (SQL Server, .NET).

SharePoint based Reservations System

Implemented an in-house reservation tracking system for a limousine company, based on SharePoint 2007, using InfoPath forms, Excel web services etc.