Database Integration

Database Integration

All of your software communicating in a single ecosystem.

Enterprise Solutions

Software packages for accounting, production, customer relationship management, website, custom software and more, all communicating data changes and updates in real time. What does this mean and why will it help? Say your shipping department gets a call from a client and updates their address. Does that update make it all the way to accounting and sales? Not if those departments are working on different software platforms. We can map all of your important data, products, clients, suppliers, internal company data and more, and share it between completely different software packages and computers. When sales converts a lead to a client, accounting will automatically have their billing information. Customer service will have access to production data and can update clients on progress. Through our exclusive US partnership with Blue Integrator, we can securely manage the flow of your data from system to system to bring a new level of efficiency to your business. Truly an enterprise solution available to businesses of all sizes.


  • Peace of mind know your company will run smoother and more efficiently
  • Simplify complex business systems
  • Faster flow of data between departments
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Reduced data entry
  • Less errors
  • EDI support
  • Improved tracking and analytics
  • Sync incoming/outgoing data to/from outside sources and vendors
  • Data shared between internal and external IT systems
  • Communicate in different protocols
  • Communicate to almost any system

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