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Bespoke Software Solutions

Growing out of that overly complex spread sheet, looking to streamline existing processes or just can’t find the correct software package for your business? We are here to solve those problems. From calculating complex solar structures to tracking assets across the globe, we can create a solution to fit your needs. After reviewing your needs, practices, goals and existing technologies, we will develop and execute a plan that is unique to your business and needs. We really do care and want to ensure that all of our clients have quality tools that will bring not only better profit and smoother operations, but an improved value to the entire company.


Business Process Software

Sometimes off the shelf software just doesn’t exist or doesn’t do enough to meet your needs. We can develop apps from scratch that will suit your workflows or expand on what you already have. Distilling a complex process into intuitive software is what we do. In the end, we want to help you to improve efficiency and accuracy while accomplishing more with the same amount of people.


In addition to building specialized solutions for your production facility, warehouse or other branch locations we can also integrate new (and existing) packages with the larger ecosystem of diverse packages that make up your enterprise. Enabling once only data entry and information sharing in real time, while securing that information with varied access levels, roles and permissions.

We can also support staged role out of solutions – providing discrete testing environments for new applications while linking with sandbox instances of your cloud-based application and software services to ensure that new functions and integrations will not only work but also not damage your live operating environment.

Web Applications

We can develop sophisticated applications to improve customer service, sell complex items or improve, but web applications have become more than that. Instead of deploying and maintaining software on individual computers, much of our software can be deployed to a single location within the company intranet (or password protected internet pages) that grant multiple users differing levels of access and permissions.  Hosting your applications on internal or cloud servers also helps us keep with the latest security practices as well as easily deploy system updates.

Mobile Apps

Need a customer facing portal that delivers goods, services and information? Do you have people in the field that need an efficient way to access data, record progress, make changes and manage projects? Mobile apps can offer a unique balance of convenience and efficiency that can deliver a better experience for staff and customers alike. Let’s discuss if this is the right fit for your business.

Legacy App Upgrades

As systems evolve, your old reliable software package will one day will need an upgrade or even become obsolete. We can bring your existing software package up to date, transfer the data to new software or even move it to an entirely new platform. Many of our clients have moved old PC based software packages to web based platforms that no longer require individual updates. Let’s discuss what you have and decide on what direction best suits your needs.

Support & Documentation

After your project is complete, we will be here to support your new system. Change is a constant, so from time-to-time adjustments will need to be made to maintain compatibility with your working environment. Your needs may change as well, and we will be here to add new features and functionality as time goes on. In addition, we can provide full documentation to ensure questions are answered and new hires can ramp up quickly on your systems. We generally recommend that we update your documentation when new features and upgrades are implemented.

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