Software Design Development Process

Software Development Process

Our thorough process will ensure you get the functionality and reliability your business needs to excel.

Development Process

Your business is at an impasse. Either your existing software doesn’t do enough or the software you need doesn’t exist. Whether you are tracking shipping containers across the globe, or just need to get invoices out in a more efficient manner, we have you covered.
First and foremost, we will need to ANALYSE your business? What are your current business practices? What platforms are already in use? What are your long-term goals? What are your pain points?

This will allow us to identify your short, and long term, software development needs – typically building a roadmap of potential projects that will incrementally increase revenue, reduce costs and/or improve the quality of your information.

For each project, we will then DESIGN a solution. Design identifies the best way to meet the project requirements and may include database models; object models; user interface standards and examples; reusable software patterns and project structure and coding standards.

DEVELOPMENT is where our engineers and designers roll up their sleaves and write code; implement user interfaces and build out the data model. During development our team will continually test and re-test their code modules.

Once the software is up and running, we will support your staff as they put your application through the VALIDATION process.  Some customers like to just dive in at this point and assign subject matter experts to test their work processes; while other customers ask us to prepare a detailed test plan (and even perform an initial execution of that plan in house before their staff take over for user acceptance).

Throughout the ANALYSIS, DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and VALIDATION we will be in touch with you to fine tune our understanding of the requirements and desired solution.

Once your team is happy with the operation of the system it is time to get ready to deploy. Many different people are going to need to learn how to use this now, and in the future. That makes good DOCUMENTATION very important. Our customer manuals are easy to understand cover all features and processes contained in your new system. Now let’s get everyone ready! In addition to detailed documentation, our services cover TRAINING. In person or online, we will get your staff ready for deployment. Time to LAUNCH!

Software Validation


Of course, we don’t just walk away after another successful launch. Software is never a one-time process. We will be here to SUPPORT your new software package. Over time your software will need to be amended to account for technology updates, hardware updates and the growing needs of your business.

Software Development